How much does above ground swimming pool removal cost in Ottawa, Ontario?

Above-Ground Swimming Pool Removal Cost

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A pool above ground is a great investment until it's time for pool demolition. It's easy to install, requires little maintenance and can be a lot of fun. But after years of use, you may want to remove your pool and get back your backyard space. Hiring a professional pool demolition company like SMC Demolition will save you a big headache if you live in Ottawa, Ontario.

Here's what you need to know about pool demolition and pool removal for swimming pools:

Above ground pool removal can cost less than $1,000.

Whether you're removing your pool because it's old or damaged, you'll want to make sure that you take care of the process properly. If you remove your own pool, there are a few things to consider when taking on a swimming pool demolition DIY project:

  • You can remove the pool yourself for under $300. This may not seem like much when compared with other types of projects which require professional help, but it's still something to keep in mind as you decide whether or not DIY pool removal and pool demolition is right for you.
  • You can leave in place the decking around your existing above-ground swimming pool if desired by filling in any gaps that form between the decking and its concrete base (or removing said base altogether). Alternatively, fill in any gaps left behind after removing the decking entirely before restoring your yard back to its natural state—but this option is generally more expensive because more work needs to be done onsite by professionals who specialize in landscaping services (and are therefore more expensive than general contractors).

Above ground pool skeleton removal costs $1,000 on average.

The cost of removing an above-ground swimming pool depends on the size, condition and location of your pool. In general we expect an average removal price to be around $1,000 and less for partial pool removal. The cost will likely increase if you have a large or custom-built pool that needs to be dismantled by hand or if your backyard is too small for swimming pool demolition machinery.

Above ground pools are typically made up of plastic or vinyl liner pool material which can be recycled into other products such as: carpet padding, shoe soles and car bumpers! This is a neat contrast to an inground pool, which mostly goes to a landfill.

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Sealing holes in decking and filling in the pool area costs anywhere from $100 to $3,000.

If you are filling in the area where your inground pool or above-ground swimming pool used to be, you will need to have it sealed off. If you want a professional to seal and fill the area, the cost can be anywhere from $100 to $3,000 depending on how big your decking is and if it has a concrete footing.

If you don't want any professional help filling in the area where your above-ground swimming pool was once located, then consider doing it yourself! You can buy concrete filler at most hardware stores or home improvement centers for as low as $100 (or even less if you purchase bulk).

The average cost to remove a swimming pool above ground is between $300 and $3,200, depending on what you want done.

The cost of removing a swimming pool is mainly determined by the size and condition of your pool. If you want to sell your pool or use it as a garden feature, it's worth hiring professionals to take it down so that no damage can be caused during the pool removal project.

Swimming pools are typically taken down in one of two ways:

  • Dismantling: This involves dismantling the structure of your above ground swimming pool and removing all loose parts for recycling or disposal (if you don't have any use for leftover pool material). This is usually done by hand; however, some companies will use heavy machinery if needed—this will increase their costs but save time overall because they won't need to dismantle anything manually first before moving on to other pieces.
  • If want to do a complete pool removal by yourself, you will definitely want to rent equipment. Renting equipment will add to the cost of the complete pool removal, of course, but it will make the whole process easier on your back. The pool removal process will take some time to do yourself, so consider the pros and cons before deciding whether or not to hiring a pool removal contractor.

How do you get rid of an old above ground pool?

You must first empty the swimming pool to ensure proper drainage and check to see if there are any gas and electrical lines to worry about. Then, you can begin removing the liner of the old pool by peeling it off of the shell. Next, remove the pump, cartridge filter and ladder. You may also have to remove a soaker hose attached to a faucet in order to drain any remaining water from your pool when you take down your filter and cover. These are the general steps that the removal process includes.

How do I remove a swimming pool from my backyard?

The process for removing the swimming pool is similar to the process for removing an in-ground one for both full and partial demolition. The first step is to drain your pool and disconnect all of the hoses and electrical connections to it. Next, you need to remove any decking around it so that you can safely remove the pool from its current location. You may also need some construction equipment like cranes or backhoes if there's too much weight in your pool—this is especially true if you have a wooden deck surrounding yours that needs to be removed. Finally, once everything else has been taken apart, hauled away and stored properly, you can finally take down your old swimming pool as well!

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Can you remove a pool yourself?

There are many reasons why you might want to consider removing your swimming pool yourself. If you have the time and the heavy duty equipment, it's certainly possible. But if you don't have the time (and let's face it—we all could use more of that) or if you don't have a truck or trailer large enough for the job, hiring a professional is probably worth considering.

Additionally, removing pools without obtaining permits can lead to unnecessarily costly repairs from fines or even damage caused to the surrounding landscaping. Demolition contractors are skilled at protecting your outdoor space while keeping labor costs and excavation costs low. For these reasons, it is often more cost effective to hire the professionals to remove an inground pool or above ground.

If removing your above-ground swimming pool yourself sounds like something worth trying, there are some things to consider:

  • Know all the materials and what chemicals are in your swimming pool so that they can be removed safely.
  • Make sure there are no sharp objects near where someone could fall into the swimming pool as they're being removed from its base.
  • Make sure any electrical components inside of the pool (such as pumps) have been disconnected and drained before beginning work on removing it from its base.

What do you do with area after removing above ground pool?

Once you have removed your swimming pool, you may want to replace it with a deck or a play area. Alternatively, you can remove the pool and plant a garden or grass. Or maybe you would like to plant trees instead of a garden for your pool fill in project?

It all depends on what your needs are and what cost range you are working with.

Should you take down an above ground pool?

  • How long have you had the swimming pool?
  • Is your swimming pool in good condition?
  • What is the cost of removal if you decide to take it down?
  • Pool removal can cost between $1,000 and $2,000 is the pool is large and has a deck around the edge.
  • In many cases, above ground pools are installed with a decking system that includes steps or ramps for easy access and exit from the pool area. If these parts are still usable after removal—and if they match up with other equipment that's still part of your backyard patio—you may be able to sell them for around $500 as part of a package deal with another company that specializes in selling used items like this one does.

Can you take an above ground pool down to move it?

As we've explained already, you can move the pool yourself, but it is a lot of work. You will need to remove the pool and fill in the hole if you want full removal, then move it to its new location. In addition, you will also need to move all the pump, filter and plumbing needed for your above ground swimming pool along with it.

You can choose from two options when moving an above ground swimming pool: disassembling all of the pool's material or relocating it as one unit. If you decide on relocation as one unit, make sure that there is enough room for your pool at its new residence before starting this process! If there isn't enough room around where we want our new house; we have several options available such as relocating our house closer towards town or down south where there are more land plots available but none of those options seem viable right now due to budget constraints so instead let's focus on what we need most right now which is help finding someone who knows how

How much does it cost to remove an above-ground pool in Ontario?

  • Cost of pool removal

In Ottawa, the average cost for removal is $1,600 - $2,000. The price varies depending on your location and whether or not you have a deck. If you do have one, expect to pay around $3-$4 per square foot as well as extra fees for demolition of a concrete deck or brickwork underneath the pool. Since there are no concrete walls or pool materials you would have to deal with to remove an inground pool or a very large pool, the cost for safe demolition won't be as high.

  • Cost to remove pool decking

If you don't have a deck, removal will be less expensive than if you do. The average cost ranges from $200-$500 depending on how big your yard is and what materials are used (e.g., wood vs composite). You may also need drainage pipes removed or filled in order to comply with local bylaws.

Above Ground Pool Removal Near Me

Lots of people want to know how to remove a pool. You'd be surprised at how many potential customers come in asking us how to remove a pool and we have to tell them that they can't do it themselves. That's not true for all cases, but if you want a perfectly square edge and a flat surface, it's better left to professionals unless you're willing to invest in some expensive tools and equipment.

Here are some tips on removing your own above-ground swimming pool:

  • Call around or talk with friends who have had pool removal done recently – they'll likely be able to give you some good advice on what worked well for them when they had theirs taken out.
  • Make sure that you have permission from whoever owns the property where your pool is located before attempting any sort of removal project; otherwise, there could be legal consequences involved later on down the road if someone finds out about any trespassers taking something without first obtaining proper authorization (like having written permission).


If you’re looking for pool removal, you can find one that is close by. These pools are easy to move and store away, so it’s not hard to find places that offer cheap removal services. Remember that there are many different companies out there with different prices and services they provide so make sure before hiring anyone!

If you live in Ottawa, Ontario, or a in a city close-by, give our SMC Demolition team a call at (613) 927-9317. We will be happy to have your pool removed for you!

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