Swimming Pool Demolition & Removal in Ottawa, ON

Turn your tired-looking pool into a beautiful green lawn in less than a week!

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    Swimming Pool Removal in Ottawa, ON

    Make your backyard useable again by removing your unwanted pool and installing brand new grass instead.

    SMC Demolition is known in Ottawa, Ontario for the professional removal of swimming pools. Reasons for requiring demolition removal services vary from wanting to install a new pool to needing the yard to look better before selling a home.

    Complete pool removal requires demolishing the concrete, creating proper drainage, and removing all of the walls. Although this process is simple, it is a very meticulous and expensive job to try to do on your own. If you are ready to receive a free quote on your project, give us a call at (613) 927-9317 or fill out our online form. We will handle all of the details!

    How Does Pool Removal Work in Ottawa?

    Transform your old pool into a more useful space by hiring professional demolition contractors today.

    The average cost of pool removal ranges between $8,000 to $15,000 per project in Ottawa, ON. Experts in this field are very careful when it comes to pool removal because of the environmental impact it can have. It is important to hire a company that will backfill the area where your pool was with non-toxic material such as sand or soil.

    SMC Demolition is proud to have a reputation for quality eco-friendly practices. To learn more about the details of how your pool removal project will be completed, simply give us a call at (613) 927-9317. No commitment is required to get a free quote on inground pool removal and pool fill services.

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    Professional Pool Removal, Filling, & Grading

    It is more expensive to maintain a pool than to have it removed. Save your money by hiring SMC for in-ground pool removal service.

    When it comes to professional pool removal, there aren't many options to choose from to get the results you are looking for. SMC Demolition follows the industry standards so that no damage is caused to your property during the project or in the long run. Our team will disclose all of the details of the project ahead of time so you know exactly what to expect. Keeping your peace of mind while providing quality workmanship is our top priority

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    MESS-FREE Swimming Pool Demolition

    Get excited for a new beautiful backyard that you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to maintain each year.

    Unwanted swimming pools can be a headache to deal with especially with limited pool accessibility or small yards. SMC Demolition can get rid of any unwanted swimming pool regardless of the size of your backyard. Our professional contractors have over 10 years of experience, are certified & insured, and are experts in the industry. Each specialist on our team is licensed to operate heavy machinery.

    Once the work is complete, we will remove all debris from your property so that there is no trace of construction. If there are hazardous materials found during the demolition project, our team is certified to safely remove that as well. For more information about pool demolition and inground pool removal, please give us a call at (613) 927-9317 today.

    Quality Guarantee On Pool Removal Projects

    Say goodbye to that ugly pool and hello to annual savings!

    SMC Demolition is here to answer any questions you may have by email or phone at (613) 927-9317 when it comes to removing your unwanted swimming pool. Pool demolition is best left to the experts because an old pool requires specific swimming pool removal techniques in order to drain properly and avoid causing any environmental damage. For these reasons, partial removal isn't recommended. SMC will completely remove the concrete foundation of the in-ground pool from your property.

    To have your pool filled, contact us by phone at (613) 927-9317 or fill out our online form. Save time by choosing the most affordable option for inground pool removal.

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    SMC Demolition offers construction demolition services for residential, commercial, and industrial locations. If you are looking for full demolition or partial demolition, we can accommodate your project needs. To get started, please call us at (613) 927-9317 or fill out our online form.

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    We will handle everything from start to finish from interior demolition and clean-up to removal, disposal, and site remediation. Our company is fully insured so when it comes to your house, office, or industrial emergency demolition projects, we have you covered.

    Get Your Pool Removed!

    We specialize in performing safe demolition projects in the Ottawa area. Our team is staffed with experienced professionals that are both licensed and insured. With more than 10 years of experience in the field, you can rest assured that your job will be completed on budget and also on time.

    Why Choose SMC?

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    Professional & Experienced Contractors

    If you are looking for pool fill services, partial removal, or a company that won't come in and wrecks your landscaping, look no further! SMC is the top choice in Ottawa for swim pool demolition and we are proud to get the job done for our customers in Ottawa quickly and efficiently.

    A lot of maintenance goes into a pool and your landscaping. SMC appreciates the hours of work that goes into pool maintenance and as a result, we have access to and use the best equipment available. Once you decide to get rid of your pool and to fill it with lovely topsoil instead, give us a call.

    SMC Demolition also offers pool removal for above-ground pools! We do it all.

    About Us

    SMC Demolition is a family-owned and operated company serving the city of Ottawa, ON, and the surrounding areas. We offer specialist construction services such as demolition, excavation, and land clearing. As the most trusted pool removal and demolition company in Ottawa, we provide professional service at competitive prices.

    It's our mission to leave homes more beautiful than how we found them. For example, we leave all pool removal demolition dites cleanly backfilled and compacted. In addition, we remove every piece of debris that would otherwise be left on your property for you to clean.


    It costs between $8,000 - $15,000 to completely decommission a swimming pool.

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