How Do You Demolish a Commercial Building?

Demolition experts and developers consider a lot of factors in the building demolition process. Commercial buildings require more care and scrutiny to demolish than residential properties. The typical concerns they consider include the building's location, the primary materials constituting it, the reasons prompting the demolition, and the disposal methods. Individuals or developers will need the services of a demolition company to bring down the building.

Several demolition methods can range from devastating blast to careful and slow dismantling. Urban and crowded-area demolition techniques should consider the safety of the demolition crew, adjacent buildings, and the public. It's advisable always to hire an experienced company when demolishing buildings in such areas. Here are common demolition methods;

Demolition By Implosion

Implosion is among the most efficient and effective methods of demolishing commercial and residential buildings. The technique uses explosives to knock out a structure by creating a weakness in its primary vertical supports. The weakness will prompt the structure to collapse onto itself from the inside out without affecting nearby buildings. Its success depends on the placement of explosive charges and the resultant detonation sequence. Implosion is used to bring down massive structures in urban and heavily built areas.

The blast crew will visit the site and inspect and analyze the building's structural blueprints. Their goal is establishing the building's main components and determining if other areas require blasting besides the blueprints. The crew will also identify the suitable explosive for the building, where to place it, and the detonation time.

Mechanical Demolition

Mechanical demolition is the most popular method of bringing down commercial structures in urban centers. The technique uses heavy machinery and modern high-end technology to destroy a commercial building. Highly trained personnel operate these machines to ensure that the process is successful. Commonly used mechanical demolition machines include hydraulic excavators, wire rope pills, and wrecking balls.

Mechanical demolition can bring down a building in the shortest time possible. However, this method has some challenges and hazards, including;

  • Dust and noise from the demolition
  • Flying debris
  • Vibration emanating from adjoining the building’s primary structures
  • Uncontrolled or unintentional collapse

However, most of the hazards won’t be problematic if you hire a well-managed demolition company with proper permits, licenses, and trained workers.

Demolition By Wrecking Ball

Wrecking ball, also called crane demolition, is among the oldest and frequently used demolition methods. It's used to wreck concrete and masonry structures. The technique uses a cable suspended from a crane wrecking ball weighing approximately 13,500 pounds. The process involves dropping the ball on the building or swinging it repeatedly to crush the structure with several blows.

Wrecking ball demolition requires highly skilled and experienced crane operators. The method's success depends on the smoothness of aiming and controlling the ball as missing the target by overload or tripping the crane. The size of the crane and working room determines the size of the building that the wrecking ball demolition method can bring down.

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